We are all interested in the “What is next?” What will the future of Diabetes management bring to help reduce this increasing disease. Sugar Link provides some articles about the latest innovative products in the market. Make sure to rate, comment and share the stories.

$250 Biohacked Artificial Pancreas

Twenty years ago, internet utopians envisioned scientific innovation gradually becoming more open-source. Instead, most amateur “biohacking” has remained fringe-y and often focused on aesthetics—inserting lights under the skin as a fashion statement, for example. But...

The Future of Diabetes Management

The Future of Diabetes Management Diabetes is an adamant condition requiring constant attention. Let me show you how technology can take the burden off the shoulders of suffering patients and their loved ones. One in eleven persons has to cope with diabetes worldwide...

Needle-free Patch CGM to Launch in Europe

A new CGM that just was approved for use in Europe, called sugarBEAT, from Nemaura Medical, in the United Kingdom, was designed only after “multiple focus group studies and feedback from clinical studies” were taken into account, according to Bashir Timol, Director of...

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