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Diabetes Journal

Download for Android Diabetes Journal ★ Editor’s Pick Award — Diabetes can be a scary but manageable disease. Let Diabetes Journal helps you by making it easy to track things like Glucose levels, Blood Pressure, HbA1c, and more! With it’s elegant, easy to use interface, you’ll be able to quickly enter and view your information. Features include: – mulitple profiles (lets you track details for more than 1 person) – Calendar to view all of your entries for a specific day – variety of graphs and reports – export your information to CSV and even PDF files! A...

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Does Having Diabetes Give You an Advantage?

My general practice doctor, an osteopath, once told me that having diabetes is a blessing because my good health habits will ensure a long and robust life. While that might seem preposterous, it’s an enormously positive outlook on life circumstances, and this attitude in and of itself may enable the rosy outcome it predicts. Read...

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The Link Between Cancer & Sugar

The Link Between Cancer & Sugar Can sugar cause cancer? It seems that evidence pointing this way was discovered in a study funded by the sugar industry nearly 50 years ago — but the work was never published. READ MORE… Source: Medical News Today Related Article: Daily...

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New biosensing contact lens capable of detecting glucose levels in patients with diabetes

According to the research team, this innovative smart lens with built-in pliable, transparent electronics can monitor glucose levels from tears in the eye. The device has not yet been tested in humans. However, the research team expects that the release of this device will offer diabetics a pain-free way to measure their glucose levels with the blink of an eye. Read More… Source: A team of researchers, affiliated with UNIST has recently introduced a new biosensing contact lens capable of detecting glucose levels in patients with...

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