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Diabetes Tools – Glucose

Download for Android Diabetes Tools – Glucose Diabetes Tools – track blood glucose levels and other key data. Each record can store: • the blood glucose level and category • insulin dose and type • carbs (carbohydrates) consumption • exercise summary • weight, comments and more… CALCULATE INSULIN DOSE Enter the glucose level and carbohydrates intake for an instant result. EXPORT AND REPORTS • view charts • print a glucose levels sheet • analyse the data in a spreadsheet The app is 100% free (no ads – the InApp purchase is now a donation only). Developer 30 St Lukes...

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Download for Android Liapp The unofficial Android app for the Abbott Freestyle Libre. Use at your own risk! 1. Enable NFC 2. Move the Back of your Smartphone to the Sensor 3. The Smartphone will vibrate if you found the rigth position 4. Kepp this position until the Smartphone vibrate again You have to activate the sensor with the Libre-Reader. Displayed values may differ from the actual blood sugar. Currently still in development! Support only in German or English! Samsung Galaxy user please check for latest Samsung updates in order to compatibility. Feel free to join the Google +...

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Libre Scan (Diabetes:M addon)

Download for Android Libre Scan (Diabetes:M addon) This app is an unofficial add-on for Diabetes:M app, which reads Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre sensor. To use this add-on, you first have to request access to Diabetes:M app. Enable NFC scan on your mobile device and start the sensor with the original FreeStyle Libre reader. IMPORTANT: Glucose values shown in the app are estimated values, based on extrapolation of the sensor data. This is because the sensor measures the interstitial fluid glucose, which reflects the blood sugar in 15 minutes delay. Values in this app and the original reader may differ, because they...

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Download for Android Glimp App for managing diabetes, compatible with Abbott Freestyle Libre and Libre Pro sensors. Functionalities: -Memorize blood glucose levels -Acquires glucose values from Abbott Freestyle Libre sensor without Abbott reader -Memorize insulin units, carbohydrates and sport activities -Remote Glucose Monitoring via Dropbox and Nightscout –Smartwatch app (requires an NFC-open smartwatch, see link:: -Continue glucose monitoring keeping the smarthpone in an armband positioned over sensor. Notes for use with Abbott Freestyle Libre: -You can use Glimp togheter with Abbott Freestyle Libre reader -Verify that your mobile has NFC support and that NFC is enabled -Keep Glimp...

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HbA1c Calc

Download for iOS Download for Android HbA1c Calc This calculator app lets you convert between various glycated hemoglobin (A1c) units of measurement (IFCC, NGSP, eAG). This is also for A1CNow+ users. Converter between hemoglobin A1c and estimated averaged glucose in md/dL and mmol/L. Developer Visit website...

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