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$250 Biohacked Artificial Pancreas

Twenty years ago, internet utopians envisioned scientific innovation gradually becoming more open-source. Instead, most amateur “biohacking” has remained fringe-y and often focused on aesthetics—inserting lights under the skin as a fashion statement, for example. But like the prosthetic arm a teenager built himself out of Legos, the device keeping Sydney alive is a rare example of the idea working out, at least in microcosm. Read...

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GYENNO Parkinson Spoon, Anti-Tremble Gyroscopic Tableware, Self-Stabilizing Spoon

GYENNO SPOON, an intelligent tableware designed for patients with hand tremor, helps users eat more conveniently and enhances their confidence. GYENNO SPOON can offset 85% hand tremor effectively and stabilize the SPOON with intelligent robot technology. High-tech product GYENNO SPOON realizes all-dimensional stabilization based on intelligent rehabilitation robotics; the intelligent high-speed servo control system provides a precise and fast control effect; the attitude algorithm technology of unmanned aerial vehicles provides more stable control performance; and its self-adapted machine learning can intelligently tune its parameters to adapt to the varying tremor models of different patients Safety medical grade materials Tritan covering, BPA–...

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t:simulator™ App

Download for iOS Download for Android t:simulator™ App The free t:simulator™ App lets you demo all the insulin pumps from Tandem Diabetes Care instantly, with no prescription or insurance verification! Experience the simple touchscreen interface of our t:slim X2™ with Dexcom G5® Mobile CGM and t:flex® Insulin Pumps using your phone or tablet. THIS APPLICATION IS FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. IT SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR THERAPY DECISIONS. Features: – Optional “Tool Tips” walk you through key features and menu items. Tips can be enabled/disabled in the main menu. – See how the Tandem Device Updater allows your pump...

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Diabetes Recipe App

Download for iOS Download for Android Diabetes Recipe App Description Download the FREE Diabetes Recipe App, with over 403 recipes for a healthy diet, for people with and without diabetes. Download it for your phone or tablet – when has anything free ever been this tasty!? Filter recipes by carbohydrate value, calories, meal type, type of cuisine, preparation time, cooking time and time it takes to cook. New recipes are automatically updated weekly, too. Recipes from the range of cookbooks, including: 30 Day Low Carb Meal Plan Diabetes Cookbook 2014 Christmas Cooknook 2014 Prediabetes Cookbook Italian Cookbook Indian...

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Glucose Wiz – Blood Sugar Log & Medication Tracker

Download for iOS Glucose Wiz – Blood Sugar Log & Medication Tracker Description Glucose Wiz keeps your glucose/blood sugar logs here with time, period, meds taken, weight and note, and it generates chart view to show glucose tendency for before meals, 2 hours after meals and at bedtime, and also generates histogram to show average number for each period separately. Just add your glucose readings here, you can check your readings anywhere and anytime, export the readings in format of PDF, CSV,HTML by email to anyone, and print the logs directly from this app. You can add multiple profiles...

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