Gyenno Spoon 1

GYENNO SPOON, an intelligent tableware designed for patients with hand tremor, helps users eat more conveniently and enhances their confidence.
GYENNO SPOON can offset 85% hand tremor effectively and stabilize the SPOON with intelligent robot technology.

Gyenno Spoon 2

High-tech product

  • GYENNO SPOON realizes all-dimensional stabilization based on intelligent rehabilitation robotics; the intelligent high-speed servo control system provides a precise and fast control effect; the attitude algorithm technology of unmanned aerial vehicles provides more stable control performance; and its self-adapted machine learning can intelligently tune its parameters to adapt to the varying tremor models of different patients

Safety medical grade materials

  • Tritan covering, BPA– free, clarity, toughness, and chemical resistance
  • Medical grade silicones, anti-bacterial, ensure a safe eating experience

Easy to use

  • Total weight 130g,easy to hold
  • Ergonomic design, the design adapted to the general hands use habit, easy to hold and to prevent from slippery

Sustainable battery

  • The maximum use of time is 180 minutes
  • Replaceable battery designed
  • The Notification Light shows using/battery status

Usage range

  • If your hand vibration amplitude is within 7cm/2.8inch, GYENNO SPOON can help you at the best. Otherwise, the effect will not be obvious.


To find out whether the GYENNO SPOON is right for you, use the simple test below:
1. Cut a 7cm x 7cm square hole in the centre of an A4 piece of paper.
2. Ask a friend to vertically hold the piece of paper with both hands. Take a pen and hold it in the centre of the hole for 20 seconds, with your hand as close to the hole as possible.
3. Observe the amplitude of your hand tremor. The GYENNO Spoon is perfect for you if the pen can be kept in the hole most of the time.
4. If the pen hits the paper, the GYENNO Spoon effect will not be obvious.


Watch this product demonstration video:


Anxiety and nervousness can exacerbate tremor, so please relax; it may take a few days to adapt a new eating method. When using it for the first time, try to use it in private and remain calm; During the initial period, please actively change the various grip positions and adjust the angle and orientation so as to find the most suitable configuration; As the user has to learn a new way of eating, novices are encouraged to take at least one week to test the effects and adapt to the new method; Use a large and shallow bowl so that the GYENNO Spoon has sufficient space and angles; Do not apply external force to the arm that holds the product; try to relax, let the arm shake naturally and allow the GYENNO Spoon to perform its function.