Month: August 2018

$250 Biohacked Artificial Pancreas

Twenty years ago, internet utopians envisioned scientific innovation gradually becoming more open-source. Instead, most amateur “biohacking” has remained fringe-y and often focused on aesthetics—inserting lights under the skin as a fashion statement, for example. But like the prosthetic arm a teenager built himself out of Legos, the device keeping Sydney alive is a rare example of the idea working out, at least in microcosm. Read...

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GYENNO Parkinson Spoon, Anti-Tremble Gyroscopic Tableware, Self-Stabilizing Spoon

GYENNO SPOON, an intelligent tableware designed for patients with hand tremor, helps users eat more conveniently and enhances their confidence. GYENNO SPOON can offset 85% hand tremor effectively and stabilize the SPOON with intelligent robot technology. High-tech product GYENNO SPOON realizes all-dimensional stabilization based on intelligent rehabilitation robotics; the intelligent high-speed servo control system provides a precise and fast control effect; the attitude algorithm technology of unmanned aerial vehicles provides more stable control performance; and its self-adapted machine learning can intelligently tune its parameters to adapt to the varying tremor models of different patients Safety medical grade materials Tritan covering, BPA–...

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