Libre Scan (Diabetes:M addon)

This app is an unofficial add-on for Diabetes:M app, which reads Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre sensor.

To use this add-on, you first have to request access to Diabetes:M app. Enable NFC scan on your mobile device and start the sensor with the original FreeStyle Libre reader.

IMPORTANT: Glucose values shown in the app are estimated values, based on extrapolation of the sensor data. This is because the sensor measures the interstitial fluid glucose, which reflects the blood sugar in 15 minutes delay. Values in this app and the original reader may differ, because they use different algorithms to estimate the current blood sugar level. This app can be configured to use calibration, so it can compensate the sensor’s measurement deviation.

This app is not approved by Abbott and there’s no guarantee about the correctness of glucose values read from the Freestyle Libre sensor. You must not use the app as a substitute for your regular glucose tests and no treatment decisions should be made, based on the estimated glucose.

FreeStyle Libre is a trademark of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.
Diabetes:M is a trademark of Sirma Medical systems Jsc.

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