Month: June 2017

New sweat sensor can monitor glucose, stress and inflammation in type 2 diabetes

A new wearable device has been developed that can measure glucose in sweat for up to a week. The device was built by the University of Texas to help manage type 2 diabetes, with measurements taken every hour. It is hoped this feedback could be valuable for doctors to assess which ways of managing diabetes benefit each patient. Read More… Source: New sweat sensor can monitor glucose, stress and inflammation in type 2...

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The Future of Diabetes Management

The Future of Diabetes Management Diabetes is an adamant condition requiring constant attention. Let me show you how technology can take the burden off the shoulders of suffering patients and their loved ones. One in eleven persons has to cope with diabetes worldwide on a daily basis  According to the latest estimates of the WHO, 422 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide – and the number is growing steadily. It means that one person in eleven has to manage the chronic condition on a daily basis, which might lead to stroke, blindness, heart attack, kidney failure or amputation. There are two...

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Eat smart with this connected iPad scale

Called SITU scale, the smart food scale connects to an iPad and weighs any food you place on it in calories and total nutrients in addition to grams and ounces. Having surpassed its Kickstarter goal by raising a total of almost $60,000, SITU creator and former Apple employee Michael Grothaus has announced that preorders have begun — with a promised delivery date of early March. Read More… Source: Eat smart with this connected iPad...

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How, Why, and Why Not to Use the iPhone Medical ID

Apple’s Health app lets users and third party apps collect and track health related data, but it also contains an important feature called Medical ID. Many of us are already familiar with the recommended “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) practice of including important contact information on your phone that can be used to contact family in the event of an emergency. Apple’s iPhone Medical ID is an enhanced version of ICE that not only provides emergency contact information, but can also inform first responders and medical personnel of important health information such as your medications, medical conditions, and allergies. Read More…...

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Beta Cell Breakthroughs could cut out insulin injections

Take a business card and cut it in half. Now imagine the thin strip in your hand is fashioned out of microscopically perforated plastic and packed with hundreds of thousands of beta cells, the specialized factories that produce the insulin you need to control blood glucose levels. Read More… Source: How scientists are sneaking insulin-producing cells into the body in the hopes of no more insulin...

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